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Thrillist So, what's the deal with Thrillist?

We're a quick, free, daily email.

Each weekday, we'll drop you a must-have recommendation, from the best of what's new, to deeply under-the-radar goodness. We're talking absinthe-only cocktail spots, eateries that dish up BBQ Rattlesnake Salad and Reindeer in Bourbon Sauce, and ATMs whose currency is marijuana -- handy, although after making a withdrawal, you'll feel even more paranoid about the stocking repercussions of consuming Santa's only friend.

We only cover what we like.

We're not going to waste our time or yours with things that suck -- you already have your job for that. So we don't write reviews, just recommendations, and because we painstakingly wade through the crap to unearth greatness, you get exclusively the best of your city's food, drinks, gear, services, entertainment, travel options, and events, like booze cruises, and a divine concept surely birthed on a booze cruise -- stripper cruises.

We have 21 editions with more on the way.

Our daily editions offer essential, city-centric info from coast-to-coast:

Keep your eyes peeled, as we'll soon be imposing our uninimitable awesome on other cities, whether they like it or not.

The once-a-week Las Vegas and Hamptons provide visitors and locals alike with what's-new details, from high-end to horrifying. And the relevant-to-all Thrillist Nation edition grabs the Web by the ankles and shakes out all that's fresh, undiscovered, and criminally overlooked throughout the country, as well as those places that're foreign but nonetheless sometimes do things.

So, should I get on the list? Oh, hell yes.

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