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Dan Gentile

Dan Gentile


Dan Gentile, also known as Sweet DJ G and "the Vince Young of Radio," took to spinning records as a way to avoid questions about his Biblically pronounced Italian last name and incongruously Semitic good looks. After attending the University of Texas and ignoring countless “Thriller” requests at college parties and dance clubs, Dan began writing for Austin area magazines and working in publishing. Highlights include giving a lazy-man’s critique of every gym in town, interviewing taqueria kingpins, slipping David Foster Wallace quotes into textbooks at an educational publisher, and proofreading just shy of a billion pieces of legislation (1% of which were passed). When he isn’t busy writing literary critiques of N.W.A. songs and combing the street for the newest food-trucks you can hear him unironically playing disco remixes of Fleetwood Mac at events around Austin.

Articles by Dan Gentile: