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Indigo Bar
Your new O4W rooftop lounge has arrived

The view from a rooftop can be breathtaking, especially if your name is Sams, and Mr. Clark is pushing you to confirm that you smoke crack and telling you to jump. Lose your addiction to less-exciting rooftop lounges and get sky high at Indigo Bar, opening tonight.

Offering a stellar view of downtown from a wraparound brick balcony, Indigo's a sleek new sky bar whose design includes white/blue walls and leather couches, glass garage doors separating the main area from the VIP, and a half-circle bar with a brushed steel top and lights that look like coasters, although you shouldn't try and rest your own Mind Benders on them. The weekly lineup currently includes first-run film screenings on "Movies & Martinis" Mondays (until MNF time), Wed evening salsa lessons (by the Loca Luna crew), live jazz and a catered buffet on Thursday, Top 40 parties on Sat nights, and soul/ r&b/ hip-hop on Fridays from DJs such as Kemit and Tron, who’ll presumably be playing classics like “Live From the Bridges” and "Damn Did That Second Movie Suck". They'll have domestic bottled brews, cocktails like the "Indigo" (so secret, they don't even know what's in it yet!), and bottle service for the VIP area that'll include Remy, Hennessy, Ciroc, etc., plus bubblies like Veuve and Ace of Spades -- share some with your date, and hopefully you'll eventually get to poker.

Around Labor Day they'll get a humidor, in which owner Kevin will stock his own brand of stogies (El Primer Mundo) alongside Dominican-/Peruvian-tobacco-stuffed Zino Platinums, which Joe Clark says not to smoke too close to the ledge, although you know ultimately that you can lean on him.

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