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The Hawthorne
Like a mouth ferry to the islands

Sunday is traditionally the day of rest, a day when you can just kick back, put up your feet, and lie to your mother about going to church. But now that The Hawthorne has introduced Swizzle Sundays -- a special Summer event on their patio featuring "Tiki Master" Scott Marshall mixing up crafted island favorites -- you may have to tell mom you found a new religion that's not so stingy with the wine. Hit them up and you'll find ever-changing highlights like:

The Rusty Shackelford: If you've never seen King of the Hill, you're probably good at crosswords, but would never know that this drink is named for Dale Gribble's alias, and would thusly have to just be satisfied by the rum, Chartreuse, chocolate & coconut.

Electric Boomerang Banana: Imagine a game that combined Zelda, Donkey Kong, and that '80s kids' show The Electric Company. It would totally suck, right? But this drink, which combines crème de banana, rum, blue curacao & coconut, (and looks like someone blended up a Tiffany's box) certainly does not. 

Fino Swizzle: Fino is the driest and palest of traditional sherries, and means "refined" in Spanish, though mix Fino with cognac, port & tart cherry, then drink & repeat, and you'll need more than a day of rest to be able to say that about yourself.

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1. The Hawthorne 500A Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

This inaugural adventure from famed drink-slinger Jackson Cannon boasts creations like the bourbon/ bitters/ lemon Paper Plane and an espresso number made with Galliano Ristretto & chocolate called The Dickie B, plus small bites like deviled eggs w/ crispy prosciutto, pickled anchovy & chorizo toast, and a roasted pepper/arugula steak salad.

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