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Housemade aquavit on Larimer

Ballpark's only Scandinavian-influenced “urban bistro” (and the only place it's totally cool to yell "It's Norway or the highway!") has opened up a lounge with a decidedly different vibe: black leather couches perfect for knocking back housemade aquavit and sexily nibbling small plates like an air-cured beef tenderloin w/ beer mustard, and lemon- & dill-pickled shrimp.

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1. Trillium 2134 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

Trillium is an American restaurant with serious culinary Scandinavian roots housed in the Five Points neighborhood. Fancying a layout that favors a relaxing, comforting atmosphere, a menu featuring interesting combinations of seafood and meat (sometimes on the same plate), and seasonal brews, you may find yourself staying a while.

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