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The Georgica
Funday @ Georgica Mondays

Teaming up for the last time this year, the two party crews have cobbled together a $25 three-course dinner from 7p to midnight, followed by half-price bottles and discounted drinks all night long while DJs Sinatra, Theory, and Vibe spin OG hip-hop. To cap it off, everyone'll get a shirt with the Georgica Mondays motto "Only Poor People Leave the Hamptons on Sunday," because nothing says "I'm rich!" like wearing free t-shirts.

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1. The Georgica 108 Montauk Hwy, East Hampton, NY 11975

A successful night of drinking begins by filling your body with enough food so you're not passed out by 1a. Therefore, hit up the Georgica where you can dine on fine American comfort foods before heading to their late-night lounge area with DJs, bottles, and possible celeb sightings (!!).

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