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Avenue D Jazz and Blues Lounge
A jazz club Al Capone would hang out at Downtown

Paying homage to Prohibition Miami, where Al Capone kept bathtub gin plentiful, and Warren G. Harding quite publicly drank the crap out of it right after getting inaugurated (true story, look it up!), jazz club Avenue D's taken over the old Macy's next to Kork, and filled it to the brim with secluded tables, guitars, saxophones, and a baby grand whose ivories will be tickled by soul, funk, and jazz bands.

Luckily it's not actually Prohibition, meaning you don't have to pretend you just happen to be drinking delicious cherry phosphates in a rather strange-looking pet store, and can instead publicly down bottle service or a lineup of cocktails like the Avenue D Manhattan (Michter's Rye, Carpano Antica, orange bitters), the Velvet Margarita featuring a bunch of agave, and the Chambord/ vodka-spiked lemonade Purple Dragonfly

For now, they're only open when there's a live performance, which's pretty much every Friday and Saturday. Those'll include everyone from their house band, to a Grammy-winning trumpet player's South Florida Jazz Orchestra, to Macy Gray -- fitting, as when you try to walk away from this place, you'll stumble.

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1. Avenue D Jazz and Blues Lounge 8 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Soul, funk, and character lurk all around the corridors of this swank lounge. Avenue D keeps the Prohibition Era alive (Al Capone was said to be a reg) with gin gimlets and old school jazz.

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