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Jake's Steaks
This sounds like the best idea ever

The Marina's resident cheesesteak factory is doing the unthinkable for Game 2 tonight (and every game hereafter): they're giving away free orange jello shots for EVERY GIANTS RUN SCORED. Also: $3 Coors, and 4-for-$10 Bud not-heavies.

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1. Jake's Steaks 3301 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94123

The City of Brotherly Love's contribution to the culinary world is the beloved cheese steak and Jake's Steaks bring a touch of Philadelphia to the west coast. Founder Jake Gillis serves up piping hot piles of steak, chicken and vegetarian options on hoagies and salads. (Yes, that's right - we said cheesesteak salad.)

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