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Garage parking in Boston's an intractable nightmare, inevitably leaving you convinced you could've scored a better deal, and that some greaseball's mashing the gas of your father's 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder. Graciously restoring your sanity, BestParking.

Conceived/developed by a student who's barely old enough to drive himself, BP aggregates monthly/daily rates for hundreds of parking garages throughout Boston, plugs the figures into a behind-the-curtain algorithm, and instantly spits out the best, cheapest, and most handsome parking recommendations. To populate their Gmap w/ rate-filled icons, just indicate daily or monthly parking, your destination 'hood, and arrival/departure times -- eyeballing whether or not your camper shell'll be swept off the back of your Datsun pickup's up to you. You'll also get crucial ancillary details ("cash only", "closes 1/2 hour after game"), and several operators run exclusive deals through the site denoted by green icons; to lock in the price, just print their "Rate Guarantee Coupon", or call ahead and drop BP's name -- if that doesn't work, just say "I'm sleeping with Stephen Dorff".

Thanks to a recently-added mobile app, BP's also accessible via cell/PDA -- extremely useful, if you ever get off the bottom of that pool.

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