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Blue 13
(now closed) A rocking resto in River North

Rockstars can live their hard-partying lifestyle because their crew takes care of their every need, scoring them drugs, women, and brown M&Ms from a little sweet shop on the edge of town. Here to infantilize you: Blue 13

From a former Zealous sous-chef and a Smith & Wollensky vet, B13's a gourmet ode to rock (black faux-snakeskin banquettes, framed Sailor Jerry tattoo prints of bare-breasted hula girls, fiery devils, etc) willing to bend over backwards to cater to your lush-life needs. The assistance starts with an 11pm-1am latenight menu which, while missing a few dinner highlights (the Rabbit Duo, Asian-spiced Lamb Chops), still offers action like oyster shooters, duck confit ravioli, mussels/clams/shrimp in "Fire Water", and lobster pizza -- they eat it seven days a week at U of Maine. Because brunch is the key to recovery, Sundays feature the likes of Steak & Egg on Acid (beef tenderloin w/ quail egg, wasabi, & red wine demi-glace), a chorizo scramble, and Pauly's Hangover Burger (w/ smoked bacon, sunny-side up egg, Jack cheese, chipotle mayo); because waking up for brunch sucks, B13's runs from 12pm to the unheard of hour of 7pm -- sleep through that, and you're probably feasting on an IV

Booze-wise, B13's featuring seven craft beers (Fin du Monde, Three Floyds Gumballhead, etc), plus martinis spiked with substances designed to keep you awake and alive, e.g. The Filthy (vodka w/ Tabasco dashes), and The Detox: made with pomegranate-infused vodka and pomegranate juice so pure, you won't feel compelled to hurl a mic stand at the nearest quailing roadie.

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