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Thrillist kicks it with the bikini babes of 6th St's first rooftop pool

When you open a rooftop bottle service lounge in Austin, there's bound to be some splash-back, especially when your rooftop bottle service lounge... has a pool. But unlike every other rooftop bottle service lounge with a pool you've ever been to (there are so many!), the newly opened Rio Rooftop is actually a chill place to grab a beer, sit by the water, and talk to the surprisingly friendly girls who work there. To prove it, we sent our editor into the depths of the shallow end (3ft, no diving!) to get extra friendly with their beautiful waitresses.

What does the town of Bikinis, TX look like? Hint: there's swimwear involved.
The project's spearheaded by a group of Chi-town nightlife veterans...
... who've transformed the former Momo's into a three-story, 15,000sqft entertainment complex.
Dawson O'connor Smith
They're planning to launch a high-end contemporary American restaurant down below...
Check out this in-flight safety video... with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models
... but right now, most of their attention is dedicated towards the pool.
It's time to rank the top 5 swimming holes in Austin
Dawson O'connor Smith
At 9p, the swimming dies down, but the party rolls on.
These are Austin's Bad Decision Bars
Dawson O'connor Smith
... so be on your best behavior.
Dawson O'connor Smith
Or else these lovely ladies...
Dawson O'connor Smith
... will teach you some manners.
8 great spots to get your growler on in Austin
Dawson O'connor Smith
They sell Champagne by the glass.
Tube the Colorado River to the Secret Beach
Should you want more privacy, you can rent a poolside cabana.
... and touring DJs who'll light the place on fire, ranging from locals like Toddy B to nationally known hip-shakers like DJ Serafin.
Dawson O'connor Smith
... and toast to what's sure to be the hottest Summer on record.
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1. RIO 601 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78701

A rooftop lounge with a pool that's open from 2-9p on Saturdays and Sundays, followed by DJ parties in the not-pool part of the lounge. Plus, they've got an upscale American resto coming for the downstairs portion of the space.

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