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The Emerson Theatre
Club + burlesque + cocktails + video of all three

Not just where Boston film students watch their senior theses before moving to LA to become waiters, The Emerson Theatre's also a massive (8ksqft), two-bar SBE club that aims to be a throwbacky ode to the 1920s, with strings of Edison lightbulbs, a cocktail list that leans on classics (Mint Fizz, Emerson Mule…), and burlesque dancers clothed (and unclothed) in flapper-y outfits. And because, um, "burlesque dancers clothed (and unclothed) in flapper-y outfits", we decided to stop writing and start shooting video.

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1. The Emerson Theatre 7080 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Winner of Hospitality Design's 2013 "Best Nightclub, Bar, or Lounge Design" award, this dual-bar, 8000sqft club has a '20s-style feel with plenty of energy and burlesque dancers as well, in case all the dancing and bars didn't do it for you.

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