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Good Times at Davey Wayne's
This new LA bar's secret entrance? Epic.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's: It's a new bar in Hwood with the MOST EPIC SECRET ENTRANCE IN THE HISTORY OF SECRET ENTRANCES, opened by some dudes who know a thing or two about secret entrances, since they're also responsible for La Descarga (through a closet!) and No Vacancy (through a bed in a hotel room!).

Dustin Downing
So, where's the Davey Wayne's entrance? We can't say, but you may be able to figure it out from this photo...
Dustin Downing
Once you figure that out, you'll be on what looks kinda like the set from The Brady Bunch, with super '70s-themed sitting areas...
Dustin Downing
... and hammock-laden patios.
Dustin Downing
To keep the experience extra immersive, they've got legit '70s swag, like retro candy...
Dustin Downing
... and retro, uh, guns? Or something?
Dustin Downing
Your drinks can come from a standard bar, but they probably won't...
Dustin Downing
... once you see the bar they put INSIDE of this Airstream Trailer.
Dustin Downing
The Airstream'll serve up choose-your-own-adventure, alcoholic snow cones. SERIOUSLY, THIS PLACE CAN'T BE ANY COOLER. Also: hey girl.
Dustin Downing
And about that not-being-any-cooler thing: we lied. They have live bands and DJs playing over this TV...
Dustin Downing
... plus classic bar games like shuffleboard.
Dustin Downing
Oh dude, and backyard BBQs. In other words, welcome to your new home (which maybe looks a lot like your parents' old home).

Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist LA, and will be spending his Summer in one of those hammocks, although he has a real problem getting out of hammocks, so maybe he'll be on the couch instead. Hit him on Twitter at @thrillistla and Instagram at @jeffmillerla.
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1. Good Times at Davey Wayne's 1611 N El Centro Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

Straight out of The Brady Bunch set, this bar not only has the most epic secret entrance, but it's hooked up with hammocks, outdoor couches, an Airstream Trailer bar, and a DJ spinning beats on top of a retro, '50s TV table. Basically, this is your new home.

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