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Angel Stadium of Anaheim
A tequila company makes you care a lot about opening day

Because, um, awesome, the Angels have paired with Camarena Tequila for a pre-opening-day party next Wed, with attendees getting a private tour of the stadium and a cocktail tasting from a dude who has done time at Comme Ca and Cana.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Angel Stadium of Anaheim 2000 E Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA 92806

Angels Stadium is home to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim with terraced bullpens in the outfield, state-of-the-art club-level and dugout-level suites, the Outfield Extravaganza (rock fountain), the Perfect Game Pavilion (a youth-oriented interactive game area) and landscaped courtyards (with statues in remembrance of Gene Autry and Michelle Carew). Play ball!

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