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Dodgers Stadium introduces frozen beer foam to keep your ale frosty

Nevermind the communists who say $14 is "way too much" for a single brew -- the main drawback to drinking in stadiums is the struggle to keep your beer cold. But thanks to the Japanese company Kirin and the initiative of the Dodgers Stadium management, that age-old problem is about to change.

The LA ballers added a "Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft" machine to their concessions last weekend, and it's already dispensing frozen beer foam atop stadium-goers' ales. Served at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, the foam sits on your beer like a weird, tasteless slushie. But journey back to your nosebleed seat directly underneath the sun and your brew will stay cold for a solid 30 minutes, according to the official testers over at Food Beast. You can see the rest of their video findings right below, and if you hate America's national pastime, you can still try out the foam at Chaya Downtown Beer Garden, Think Blue Bar, Katsuya at the Americana, and Katana on Sunset in L.A. Plus the Epcot Center in Disneyland. Thanks, Mickey, you lush!

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