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How to see Jesus, the Predator, and your own face in a cup of coffee

Some people don't look like themselves until they've had their morning coffee. And most people's morning coffee doesn't look like them, except if it goes through a crazy Taiwanese contraption or is sculpted by the type of milk master who can turn a latte into anything from Salvador Dali to Albert Einstein, all of which you can see if you keep reading. After you've had your coffee, of course.

Jean-Christophe Magnenet
French foam artist Rudy Dupuy is part of a new Sugar Cubist movement.
"Make me into a latte once, shame on me. Make me into a latte twice... well, you can't make me into a latte twice." - The George W. Bush Latte
Kazuki Yamamoto
Japan's Kazuki Yamamoto brings 2% into a third dimension.
The land of the rising foam is also home to Latte_Artist_JK, who posts surrealist masterpieces on a daily basis via Twitter.
This machine helped Let's Cafe gain ground on the traditional coffee chains and win the hearts of Taiwanese coffee drinkers. There's also an American version that's available for pre-order... since 2009.
Global Gallery
And finally, a latte that expresses exactly what an arrogant barista makes you want to do.

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