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Mission Brewery is now putting beer in 32oz cans the size of pitchers

When microbrews started showing up in cans, their overachieving macro big brothers still held an advantage: sure, you can get a 16oz tallboy of an amber or IPA, but dammit, that's nothing compared to a frosty 24oz can served in a paper bag. Until now, thanks to the dudes at San Diego's Mission Brewery, who have unleashed one-quart cans of beautiful.

Dubbed "cannons", in keeping with the brewery's nautical themes and the cans' ability to sink ships when properly hurled, the flagship 32oz cans come filled with the brewery's El Conquistador Pale Ale and the massive 9.25% Shipwrecked Double IPA.

Currently they're available in Colorado and Cali, though, as conquistadors are wont to do, Mission'll be taking over shelves in other states soon. No word yet on whether fellow SD brewer Stone is planning to counter by selling 40s of Arrogant Bastard, but here's hoping.

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