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One-day-only Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale is maybe the best wedding gift ever

Toasters are for losers who don't like raw bread and no one really needs silverware, so if you're looking to impress as a wedding guest, you best line up now for the Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale.

Available only on Wednesday, June 26 at the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston, Brewlywed is a 750 mL Belgian-style "bride ale" with a great, sudsy concept behind it: you're supposed to give it as a gift (or get it for yourself!), and enjoy on or around your first anniversary, giving you something to look forward to, other than, like, eternal bliss.

It made its debut one year ago to the day, also for one day only. But the crowd that lined up had some extremely overdressed individuals in the mix: Three couples got married in the hop garden with founder/brewer Jim Koch serving as the best man AND maid of honor. (Thankfully, he talked the brides out of that hideous fuchsia bridesmaids' dress.) The brewery is offering the same services this time out; couples that show up with a marriage certificate can be wed by Sam Adams' justice of the peace.

The festivities kick off at 9 am, but Brewlywed couples (or just fans) are advised to show up starting at 7am to guarantee a bottle. The batch has only 300 cases to its name, with a single bottle running $14.99 and a case of 12 costing $179.88. And to all you greedy bastards looking to drop $1k on some bride beer: There's a five-case maximum.

The first 50 people will get the chance to buy a bottle signed by Koch, but the first 20 to show up in tuxes/gowns will be moved to the front, which means you should probably hire a mime mariachi band Hall & Oates flash mob to help you propose to your girlfriend ASAP.

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