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The most important names Coke left off their personalized bottles

By now, you've probably seen those Share a Coke cans and bottles the Internet has been maturely monitoring. And while we have to give Coke credit for curating such a massive list of names, the soda giant did forget a few obvious choices. Namely, these:

1. Daenerys
2. Chartreuse
3. Fedora
4. Jor-El
5. PT Cruiser
6. Mycroft
7. Chalupa
8. Ser Pounce
9. Euphegenia
10. Kale

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would like to know how "Kris" is a more common name than "Kristin", Coke. Follow her to bitterness at @kristin_hunt.

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