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23 hilariously misspelled names on Starbucks coffee cups

If your totally normal parents insisted on naming you Richqard with a silent q, sorry, bud: people are gonna screw up that spelling. But it turns out even the Amys and Kyles of the world aren't safe from the oft-erring Sharpie of a Starbucks barista. We hit up the genius behind the Tumblr Starbucks Spelling for some of her funniest, faultiest, and crudest Sbux spelling slip-ups, and she graciously shared the goods, which we've got waiting for you right below. And you thought your "Bryan" with a y instead of an i was ridiculous. It's not, B-Dogg, but next time you visit the 'bucks, you might wanna pick up some of their tasty new La Boulange pastries.

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