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The revolutionary coffee machine that's about to change everything

There's a ton of different types of coffee drinkers out there, but thanks to the Berlin-based buzz-smiths at Bonaverde there's about to be a new archtype: the roast your own coffee dude. If you're a coffee elitist, it's time to get out your credit card.

After two years of research and 135 working prototypes, the company is Kickstarting production of a counter-top model that will increase coffee freshness exponentially by combining roasting and brewing into one machine. Bonaverde estimates that average coffee beans reach the consumer 6 months after they've been picked and go through 17 supply chain steps, which they want to Texas-ify down to a two-step (!) process via a simple online marketplace.

Your contribution can earn you everything from a first-run version of the machine to a visit to one of their partnering coffee farms, a trip that still wouldn't be able to change the mind of the McDonald's coffee guy. The funding period ends on Dec 8th, and it'll take a cool $300 for the machine and 6lb of coffee beans -- a small price to pay for a revolutionary machine that'll turn your Keurig into a has-bean.

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