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The oldest bar in Brooklyn is now the newest bar in Brooklyn

Until recently, PJ Hanley's -- originally opened in 1874 -- was the oldest bar in Brooklyn. But now it's become Goldenrod, which is more than a term of endearment from Han Solo to C-3PO -- it was once a beer brewed in BK's Otto Huber Brewery, and is now a serious sawdust-on-the-floor, craft-beer bar that keeps the turn-of-the-century drinking vibe, but adds an outdoor beer garden, and, you know, electricity.

Andrew Zimmer
In addition to serious suds like Bayou Teche Boucanee and Southern Tier Hop Sun, they've also got Goldenrod house brews made up for them by Brooklyn Brewery and Olde Saratoga Brewing Co.
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1. Goldenrod 449 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Set up in what used to be Brooklyn's oldest bar PJ Hanley's, Goldenrod's pouring wine and craft beers in a rustic setting, with sawdust-covered floors and paneled ceilings.

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