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These Are NYC's 16 Best Beer Bars

Sure, you can get a beer at just about any bar in the city, but if you want to take your pint-drinking game to the next level (the one slightly above 3ft beer towers and specials containing the word "bomb"), you're gonna need a beer bar. Here are our city's 16 best.

Tørst ()
You may not recognize anything on the menu here, but the beer geniuses from Evil Twin are behind this one, so it doesn't really matter because they're all going to be awesome. Bonus: they've got one of the city's best tasting menus at in the back.

Andrew Zimmer
Idle Hands Bar ()
East Village
This whiskey-proficient, formerly subterranean (and now two-floor) rock bar is also locked and loaded with a constantly changing array of top-notch brews.
Andrew Zimmer
The Cannibal ()
Murray Hill
Beer, a killer outdoor patio, meat, and beer. This place has great versions of all those things, with taps at the narrow bar, dishes like slow-roasted half pigs head, A KILLER OUTDOOR PATIO, and a tunnel of beer coolers in the store up front.
Alewife ()
Long Island City
You won't be disappointed if you make the trek out here (especially if you take the ferry), because they've got a straight-up ridic beer list that includes the likes of Other Half Brewing's Hop Showers, Backstage Series #8 Sweet Repute, and Copernicus Cream from Barrier Brewing.
Andrew Zimmer
Alphabet City Beer Co. ()
Alphabet City
Stocked with freezers of to-go beers at the entrance, you could easily drink and dash, but stick around: this is the kind of place you can grab a beer from their tight-yet-on-point taps, sit in a comfortable chair, and leisurely sip multiple beers for hours.

d.b.a. ()
East Village/Williamsburg
Another one pulling double-duty with one of the finest whiskey lists in the city, you can get a proper beer education here with their huge chalkboard featuring endless options of recognizable and rare suds.
Blind Tiger ()
West Village
With 28 rotating drafts on tap and a rep that stretches all the way back to '95, this rustic and homey West Village spot is a haven for everyone from true beer nerds that're into casks and rare bottles, to beer tourists testing the sour, hoppy oak barrel-aged craft waters.
Good Beer
Good Beer ()
East Village
So yeah, it's mostly a beer shop, but the few tables in back give it a tasting room feel. And while it'll be tough to spend an entire day/evening here, we believe in you.
Yelp/Renee P
Bar Great Harry ()
Carroll Gardens
Get your rare-beer on at this Smith St stop, with pours like Omnipollo Premium Remix from South Carolina or Central Waters Reserve Bourbon Stout from Wisconsin (don't worry, they've got Yuengling if you're scared).

Rattle N Hum ()
Part Irish bar, part 40-tapped monster beer bar, RNH in Midtown's a pub with seemingly endless options for imbibing.
Andrew Zimmer
Jimmy's No. 43 ()
East Village
Set beneath 7th St, this rathskeller with Euro vibes has been a centerpiece of the craft beer scene for the past couple years, and lives up to it with a top-notch selection, a ton of interesting events, and some excellent beer-drinking eats (that's eats that go with beer-drinking, not burgers that drink beer).
NY Beer Co
New York Beer Company ()
Midtown West
If you're into great NY beers and lots of space to hang out, this spot for after-work revelry has a ton of both.
Yelp/Jazz F
The Pony Bar ()
Hell's Kitchen/ Upper East Side
Broadcasting the goods on their blackboard, this joint has long been a beery beacon in otherwise great beer bereft neighborhoods.
Andrew Zimmer
Randolph Beer ()
The Randolph team has a number of excellent spots, but this is their crowning beerchievement -- it's exactly the kind of bar you'd want to hang out in even if you weren't looking for excellent beer. Also: they have excellent beer.

Mugs Alehouse ()
This old-school Bedford Ave tavern has a few dive-y aspects without beating you in the face with them. They've also got a really great brew selection, bar eats, and pinball.
Spritzenhaus ()
Known more by the masses as being a beer hall than a top-notch beer bar, if you actually take the time to check out their menu, it's got some excellent and interesting options on it. Plus, it's still also a giant beer hall with Jenga.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor, and whenever he sees a beer he doesn't recognize, he orders it. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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1. The Blind Tiger 281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

At Blind Tiger, sip from 28 taps, two casks, and a staggering list of microbrew bottles, large-formaters, and "weird sh*t most people have never heard of". If New York is a city of beer geeks, then Blind Tiger is their mecca.

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2. Alphabet City Beer Co. 96 Ave C, New York, NY 10009

From a team well-versed in both booze (In Vino, Alphabet City Wine Co) and actual verses (one of them's a writer!), ACBC is half-specialty shop/half-beer cafe, pillaging coffee shop customers by offering patrons free internet, plush leather seats, an enormous mirrored chandelier from the Puck Building (alright, that has nothing to do with coffee shop customers, but it looks really cool, OK?), and a spacious, 1000lb raw-wood communal "Game of Thrones" table, so… watch out for that dude banging his sister on it?

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3. Idle Hands 25 Ave B, New York, NY 10009

Set up by a trio of music/entertainment vets in the subterranean hole that used to house the Warhol hang Save The Robots, Idle plays the part: concrete floors, black leather banquette-lined walls, and a stool/bench-strewn stage area.

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4. The Cannibal 113 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016

The Cannibal: by day a retail/cafe, by night a small plates/tapas resto w/ a communal bar, butcher counter, and outside garden. With 400+ beers from around the world, you won't need to resort to, uh, cannibalism. Allied: When you’re finished eating swing by East Pacific at 120 E 34th St and pick up some Smith & Forge, the hard cider that's built strong -- built from Apples and built to Refresh.

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5. Jimmy's No. 43 43 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003

Jimmy Carbone's subterranean bar boasts a stacked 50+ beer menu, tastings, delicious shareable eats, and the bookable Back Room for all kinds of parties and private events.

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6. The Pony Bar 1444 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

If you're in the mood for a barley-pop in the Upper East Side, check out The Pony Bar with its large and eclectic brew menu.

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7. Rattle N Hum 14 E 33rd St, New York, NY 10016

If you're looking for an American Craft beer, chances Rattle N Hum in Midtown has what you want. They've got 20+beers on tap all the time with countless others in bottles ready to be served. Check their website for what they have going on and exactly when they tapped the keg.

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8. Bar Great Harry 280 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

This Carroll Gardens haunt will have you making some tough decisions, with its giant draft list that doesn't have a bad option on it.

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9. Torst 615 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Torst offers a high-tech 21-line draft system which allows them to slide you one of their 100+ beers to you at exactly the right temp, with the right amount of nitrogen/carbon dioxide.

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10. The New York Beer Company 321 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

New York Beer Co is a 300-person craft beer haven located in Midtown. With over 40 drafts and another 50 bottle types to add to the total, if you're looking for some craft suds in Midtown, NY Beer Co should be a no brainer.

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11. The Randolph at Broome 343 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

With homey and wood-heavy decor (think bricks walls with wood accents, wooden keg chairs, worn-wood counters, etc.), this laid-back Nolita spot's serving the best of both worlds: quality hand-brewed coffee and espresso by day, and innovative East Coast-style cocktails by night. Want your coffee IN your cocktail? They do that, too. One of the best beer bars in BYC, the Randolph at Broome features more than 30 well-curated taps that rotate seasonally, as well as a reserve beer menu built from specialty and hard-to-find beers, making this a great spot for serious hop-heads, or casual beer drinkers. The dinner menu is everything you want from a beer bar -- from small plates like pork sliders, hummus, or calimari, to burgers, BBQ ribs, and more than a few salads. The Randolph is also open for brunch and -- get this -- serves breakfast till 4 p.m.

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12. Mugs Ale House 125 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mugs has been known to dole out some delicious brews, as well as be a spot to play some addictive pinball. Hit up this Williamsburg joint for some true pub action.

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13. Alewife NYC 5-14 51st Ave, Hunters Point, NY 11101

This Long Island City establishment has over 28 beers on tap and if you can't find something from the spout, you can choose from over 100 different beers by-the-bottle. Now that's selection.

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14. d.b.a. 41 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

This is one of two d.b.a locations in NYC, and it features a breezy back garden for the warmer months and a diverse selection of whiskey, beer, and other spirits.

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15. Spritzenhaus 33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Aside from the sausages and Belgian fries on their mouthwatering menu, this huge watering hole boasts ciders, lagers, gluten-free options, wheats, and sours, in addition to 20+ drafts and an exhaustingly badass whiskey selection.

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16. Good Beer NYC 422 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

GB's a sunken hybrid beer cafe/shop with an old-school general store feel, boasting a wall of refrigerators stocked with bottles to take with you, and taps set up for enjoying draughts at a handful of tables. Swill small batch/craft bottles, then fill your belly with eats like organic grass-fed dogs, kielbasa, pretzels, and cheese plates.

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