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The Corner Foodery
A restaurant and a bottle shop join forces in CC


From the dudes behind The Corner and Foodery... The Corner Foodery (!) is a 500-bottle shop-cum-gourmet-deli-cum-dining-room in Center City

Like the 1986 Chicago Bears, TCF's got a massive refrigerator: it's got 18 doors filled with chilled imports and domestics, including rarities like Bell's Hopslam, and magnums of Chimay Grande Reserve

The backroom deli counter's manned by a Starr vet who's slinging a dozen cured meats and cheeses for boards or sandwiches, plus hot food like this carved porchetta hoagie w/ melted aged Prov, and a meatball grinder, or how you introduce pretty much any chick at an Old City club

Seat yourself in the muraled dining room packed with lacquered booths and a window-front communal table with a perfect view of the corner. Foodery!

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1. The Corner Foodery 1710-12 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Gourmet sandwiches and hundreds of craft beer is The Corner Foodery's DNA. Also, there are large, lacquered communal tables on which to chow down with a group of friends, when not waiting in anticipation of Executive John Taus's daily chef specials.

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