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Upright Brewing
The heart-iest beer ever

Having already rocked surf with Urchin Ale, the maniac at Burnside Brewing has teamed up with Upright to go turf with Captain Beefheart, a coppery ale brewed with 60lbs of actual charred bovine ventricle. It's available for a limited time at both breweries, so don't lose heart -- get yours now.

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1. Upright Brewing 240 N Broadway, Portland, OR 97227

NoPo's Upright Brewing is a brewery that specializes in farmhouse-inspired beers with roots in France and Belgium, although they're all made with PNW ingredients and a local twist. In house they have a tasting room where you can sample various drafts & bottles, take a case home, and watch Blazers home games.

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