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Driftwood Room
These cocktails are on fire!

Wouldn't Bond have been cooler if instead of "shaken, not stirred", he took his cocktails "shaken, then hit with a piece of rum-soaked fruit that's set on fire"? This Hollywood-themed bar thinks so (probably), and thus serves fire-y cocktails like the Flaming Negroni and the Flaming Boulevardier.

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1. Driftwood Room 729 SW 15th Ave, Portland, OR

Sure, 007 is cool, but he could use a bit more adventurous drink order, don't you think? How about "shaken, then hit with a piece of rum-soaked fruit that's set on fire" ? Well that's exactly the kind of thing that you can get at this Hollywood-themed bar in Downtown Portland, where they're serving up a number of delicious cocktails, bottled & draft beers, PNW wines, and bar bites that include crab cakes, BBQ pork sandwiches, and wings.

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