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Boozy, healthy drinks from the Pick & Rocks dudes

Quick lesson: Suja makes "the freshest, most nutrient-dense" juice blends from organic fruits and veggies cold-pressed to preserve vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Pick & Rocks Cocktail Co makes "boozy drinks". But when they combine their powers Captain Planet style, you get these new "Health and Wellness" cocktails at Searsucker:

Goddess: This pup features house cucumber-infused gin, a lemon twist, and Suja Fiji, which has a bunch of green stuff (celery, kale, collard greens!) plus bonus not-green stuff (ginger, lemon, apple) to make sure your heart and immune system are handsome.

Warrior One: Also what Tom Hardy calls every plane he boards, this beauty has smoked lavender essence and the lemon/ cayenne/ maple syrup Suja Master Cleanse that totally cancels out all that Scotch

Sun Salutation: Just like when you greet the sun, don't make eye contact when ordering this manly mix of Champagne and Suja Spark, which will get you right with lemon, tart cherry, strawberry, honey, stevia, and cayenne.

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