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Capitol Hill bar gets a new... everything


If your name is common, you need to do something special to set yourself apart (NOTE: starring in Just Wright with Queen Latifah does not count), which is why the lady behind King's Hardware, Linda's, Bait Shop, etc. has made common-monikered Cap Hill boozer Smith even special-er, by updating the bar/menu.

The 15th Ave mainstay used a brief hiatus to rebuild their polished-wood bar, and fit it with taps for a pair of rotating draft cocktails like the White Negroni made w/ gin, Dolin Blanc, & Gran Classico Bitter, which's the world's first Campari.

They also redid the menu, starting with snacks like this popcorn & nuts mix that the chef's grandmother created back in the '60s when she presumably just went by... um, mother? Or possibly even a given name.

Shared plates mean charcuterie boards stocked with things like pork terrine, or a pheasant roulade wrapped in bacon.

If you don't like sharing, consider getting a job as a record executive, or try some steamed mussels in red ale.

Or better yet, this brown-butter potato puree- and braised kale-sided flat iron steak cooked to Just the Wright temperature.

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