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Mockingbird Hill
Oh, this? It's just DC's first ever pork and sherry bar

75% of the menu at Mockingbird Hill is sherry and ham. 75% of the song "Mockin' Bird Hill" was written by George Vaughn Horton. Think that's a coincidence?* Well, you're just gonna have to go to the stained-oak Spanish bar and find out for yourself, big guy. *Of course it's a coincidence.

With over 50 sherries on hand, they make life a bit easier for you by tripling them up in flights (like The Ocean, above) with cards and tasting notes.
Make hilarious Jon Hamm jokes using this handsome Spanish fermin jamon serrano that was aged for 18 months. Only eat American ham? Weird, but you're in luck as they've got selections like the Red Apron lomo or the Woodlands Pork "back bacon".
You'll probably want to pair that pork belly of yours with a small plate of tasty yum-yums, like the manchego cheese, honey, and cocoa-coverd corn nuts.
Not in the mood for sherry? Well, GET OUT OF THE SHERRY BAR! No, those are jokes. They've got alternatives on tap, like DC Brau, 3 Stars, and the Brigade Gin & Tonic from the Green Hat guys, who may or may not know that the name of the bar actually comes from the Clash song "Spanish Bombs".

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