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Tavern Road
The Brothers DiBiccari take on Fort Point

With a hat tip to their sculptor uncle whose art studio once stood on Tavern Road (it's by the MFA; look it up), the Brothers DiBiccari (of Chef Louie Night, Storyville & Sel de Terre) have swamped Fort Point's former Blue Wave, turning it into an artsy, "high energy" 120-seater specializing in whole animals, small plates, and crafty small-batch cocktails

After giving an enthusiastic but sincere thumbs up to the above-pictured 30ft street-art-style mural (from FP's Project Super Friends) that highlights some of said uncle's work, grab one of 11 seats at the white marble bar.

Play coy with a three-cocktail sample flight or sluttily drink in this mezcal, Peychaud's Bitters, and Drambuie number dubbed the Fishnets and Fangs

These plates are small. And one is filled with porchetta w/ fennel and pork liver pate.

Chef Louis made it in that open kitchen there in the back. Next to the art. With the red wall.

Small plate bonus shot one: andouille with grain mustard. And some sort of plant.

Small plate bonus shot two: steak tartare with peanuts and molasses

From this vantage point, you can best see the "Innovation District". Yes, that's what they're calling it.

And also an artistic adaptation of the DiBiccari family crest.

Or, if you don't like to share because of familial issues you no longer talk about, snag your own whole animal from their "Today's Animal" list, or opt for this handsome roasted red drum.

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