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These are the best wings in Chicago

Because Tommy Boy spoke for everyone when he uttered the timeless words, “Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy,” here’s the list, in no particular order, of Chicago's very best wings. From old-school Buffalo to double-fried Korean, all of these are well worth begging Helen to fire up the deep fryer.

Spicy Korean BBQ Wings from
You won’t question Dennis Rodman’s ambassadorship to the axis of evil after you try these jumbo wings that are twice-fried for a thin and crispy skin that’s coated in a red pepper paste sauce.
Everything Wings from
Wicker Park
Nevermind the bagel -- you’ve just scored a plate of wings coated in a soy-chili glaze, fried shallots, and sesame & poppy seeds with some tzatziki for dipping. (FYI, Mott St is now taking reservations.)
XXX Hot Wings from Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap
River North
When your waitress remains clothed and asks you to sign a waiver for chicken wings, you’ll realize that your friends didn’t mean that kind of XXX... although the wings can also satisfy, thanks to the heat and flavor of two of the world’s hottest peppers (the Red Savina and the Ghost Pepper). In case of emergency, they provide some cooling agents to fan the flames, like ice cream, bread, and milk. And if you aren't a big time heat seeker, there're more dialed down varieties that are still delicious.
Jumbo Wings from
Wicker Park
With these wings being deep-fried in peanut oil and coated in a five-pepper hot sauce that’s been roasted in-house and aged for three months, we won’t guilt trip you for putting back your own family meal of 24 wings, a bucket of beers, and a bottle of Jameson.
Hotties from
It must be your lucky day, because these sweet-and-spicy Chinese lollipop drumettes come in batches of 7 or 14 (and are also available in a tofu variety, despite bean curds not having appendages to lop off and eat).
Seoul Sassy Wings from
That’s right -- we snuck TWO Korean places serving jumbo wings on the list. Got a problem? (Sorry, just tossing in some sass... also Korean fried chicken is rather tasty.) These wings have a subtly sweet ginger soy sauce; just don’t call it teriyaki lest you incur the wrath of Mama Lee.
Lollipop Wings from
Noble Square
With so many varieties of meat available at Frontier, one might think a chicken would simply be collateral damage. Think again, over a plate of Lollipop wings with Buffalo sauce, buttermilk-bleu cheese dip, house ranch, and pickled carrots.
Chicken Wing Skewers from
Yusho takes the finger grime away from mowing down wings by de-boning its chicken before seasoning it with Thai chiles and serving with bonito salt and lime.
Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Take Me Out 1502 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Take Me Out is a Chinese... well, take-out restaurant and wing palace that serves up some of the finest "hotties" (seriously, that's what they call their wings) in all of Chicago.

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2. Dak 1104 W Granville, Chicago, IL 60660

This counter-service joint is literally family-style (son runs the front of the house while his parents & bro head up the kitchen), and gets its name from the Korean word for "chicken," a nod to the delicately crisped wings in which they specialize.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Mott St 1401 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Mott St is a tiny Asian resto tucked away in an unassuming space, helmed by the Ruxbin folks, and serving things like bagel-inspired Everything Wings.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. Jake Melnick's Corner Tap 41 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611

Jake Melnick's Corner Tap is a beer bar in River North, Chicago that's serving up some killer hot wings and other bar foods.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. The Fifty/50 2047 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622

The 50's a tri-level sports temple serving gluttonous fare like in-house smoked meats (ribs, pulled pork, wings), mac 'n' cheese toppable with everything from chicken to chili, and the "Double-Secret Probation"-esque "Triple Secret:" a tri-meat fatburger with a classified recipe.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Crisp 2940 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657

Crisp is a chicken wing joint in Lakeview that's known for its variety of sauces, including the famous Seoul Sassy one.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Frontier 1072 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

It may not be the final frontier, but with ice-taps pouring 16 traditional and seasonal brews, a meat heavy menu featuring specialty sausages, steaks, and "Animal Service", flat screen TVs, and a beer garden, you won't need to explore any further. Allied: Ready yourself for Animal Service with some Smith & Forge, the hard cider that's built strong -- built from Apples and built to Refresh.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
8. Yusho 2853 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Because apparently not everything in Japan gets lost in translation, the former Charlie Trotter's exec chef here drew on the energy and community he discovered in the country's street food scene when conceiving Yusho. His architect wife channeled his vision into an eclectic space with a bar made from century-old wood beams and a skylit back room projecting anime.

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