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TJ's Seafood Market
Getting fishy in Oak Lawn

To prove Jacques Cousteau wasn't the only French thing with an affinity for the sea, Jon Alexis & Scott Hoffman are hooking up Gallic wine pairings like salmon sashimi Nicoise with Beaujolais, mussels in a Roquefort cream sauce with Ugni Blanc, and seared Tuna L'Orange with red Burgundy.

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1. TJ's Seafood Market 4212 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

This joint offers up a number of services ranging from a sit-n-eat seafood spot to a fresh fish market to a competent and complete caterer. Stay for a meal of fresh-from-the-ocean fare or purchase your raw ingredients to take home and cook up yourself. And if you're new to the latter, TJ's has advice and recipes on their website to do it right.

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