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The Weekend Playbook: Bikinis, Bastille Day, and Carmen Electra

Event of the Week
Ever wondered what would happen if the Bikinis dude bought a town and was allowed to name it whatever the hell he wanted? Well you can stop wondering, because is now a place, and they're celebrating the grand opening of the town's first Bikinis by serving up a ton of Black's Barbecue, hosting a bikini contest, and having Carmen Electra make an imprint of her boobies, so they can be immortalized in bronze. Yes, you need tickets. Get them here

Thursday, July 11th
Now through Saturday,
's serving up a very cronut-esque glazed croissant. That means you go there. Now.

Friday, July 12th
Taste of Dallas is taking over
all weekend, with samples from a shton of Dallas's best restos, a booze-sampling tavern, and cooking demos. Plus, tons of food trucks! Get your tix here

In honor of that holiest of French days named after a prison, Hotel St. Germain's hosting a Bastille Day dinner. This is the menu. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.

Saturday, July 13th
While they're waiting on their building to be finished, the Alamo Drafthouse peeps are opening their parking lot up and using it as an outdoor bar-slash-theater.
So go watch Dazed and Confused again already

Tuesday, July 16th + All Other Tuesdays This Month
Because it's 25yrs old,
Gordon Biersch is celebrating its anniversary with $2.50 drafts of all its eponymous draft beers every Tuesday for the rest of this month.

Local Lady We Love, and Where to Meet Her
Meet Iris McCallister. She's on the right. You know her as the taste-maven behind Oh Brownie, but she also helps keep FT33's wheels spinning behind the scenes, and she's a major force behind Dallas's annual Chefs for Farmers events.

Reasons we love her: 1) Did you miss the part where we said she runs a brownie shop???, 2) when she's got a night off, she flocks to TJ's on Oak Lawn and goes off-menu for seared ahi, and 3) she once went on a date with a guy she thought was really hot until he showed up "dressed in fringe head to toe". Pro tip: don't show up at TJ's on Oak Lawn dressed in fringe head to toe.

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