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Root25 Taphouse & Kitchen
Gastropub eats in the DTC

Do you like casual eateries? Do you like lounge areas & billiards? Are you currently at the Tech Center, reading this on some sort of brand new "tablet" or "mobile device"? Well then, nerd, it's high time you checked this Hyatt-based gastropub that focuses on CO beer & food like a ravenous Denverite who just got LASIK. They're offering up cherrywood smoked bison short ribs, CO lamb, and chocolate milk stout-braised veal cheeks.

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1. Root25 Taphouse & Kitchen 7800 E Tufts Ave, Denver, CO 80237

Root 25 Taphouse & Kitchen boast a large rotating selection of microbrews and ales from the region's breweries as well as broad list of gastro-pleasing menu items.

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