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DK's Donuts & Bakery
Attention, everyone: Cronuts are now in Santa Monica

Surely by now you've heard of the Cronut, a Manhattan bakery's sold-out-in-five-minutes, national-craze, croissant/doughnut hybrid that all your friends in NY are currently using as an example of why the East Coast is better as you listen to their argument from the beach while watching bikini-clad, up-and-coming actresses do handstands. Well, now they can't even hold that over you: DK's Doughnuts, a tiny, long-standing fried-doughery in Santa Monica, has claimed to have recreated the desserty treat, now for sale daily starting at 630a. So we went out and tried them.

First thing's first: this thing doesn't look like the original circular, one-solid-frosted-piece Cronut. But the owner claims her son went to NY and recreated the dough, and -- though these seem more like crispy, fried-croissant, flaky-and-sugary-outside, doughnut-and-cream sandwiches -- they're delicious, so who cares?
DK's DKronuts (yep) come in three flavors: whipped cream, strawberry, and Nutella. Of the five testers, three preferred this strawberry one, which adds a bit of amazing fruity zang to the whipped cream...
... but Valerie preferred the subtle, slightly thicker Nutella.
"It tastes like diabetes," she said, but, like, as a compliment. "Do you have something I can put it in to go?"

Can't get enough tasty croissant/donut hybrids? Check out more Cronut knock-offs on our interactive Cronut (and Cronut impostor) map!

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