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Taberna Arros y Vi
The Lazy Ox guy's Westside paella haven

Located right by the Promenade, Taberna Arros y Vi's a rustic, washed-out room that looks kinda like an upscale version of the type of place Antonio Banderas would walk into in 1995 carrying a guitar case full of not-guitars, except at this one, the owner of Lazy Ox is doling out Mediterranean dishes and booze, not vengeful murder lust.

Photo by Ryan Tanaka
You're one billion percent going to want to order a paella -- they've got multiple options, including this bad boy that's chock-full of seafood, as well as one topped w/ rabbit leg, lima beans, and bomba rice, or what a very Italian offensive coordinator used to instruct Joe Montana to throw on third and long.
Photo by Octoplace
Don't you dare write off the squid-ink pasta.
Photo by Ryan Tanaka
If you get desperado for drinks, you're gonna wanna cozy up to the balsamic-upped "Spanish Berry", or the housemade sangrias, including one w/ red peppers and cilantro.
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1. Taberna Arros y Vi 1403 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401

The guy behind Lazy Ox opens up a Spanish joint that's specializing in paella -- try the seafood-filled one with one of their housemade sangrias.

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