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MSP's 8 best mac and cheese dishes

Sorry, hot dishes. Sorry, cheese curds. But mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. However, it can't possibly maintain its lofty position atop the fattening/delicious food pyramid if you don't know where to get a good bowl -- that’s why we nobly put on our stretchy pants, did the delicious research, and tracked down MSP’s eight finest curdy treats.

Already known for its down-home comfort food, this Uptown eats spot lives up to its rep by edging up their m&c by adding cream, pimento cheese & white cheddar cheese, then topping the whole thing with crispy bread crumbs.
The Lowry

Never heard of cavatappi noodles? Well, in Italy it means... something, presumably, and in The Lowry it means you're about to eat a huge pile of little pasta covered in Swiss, smoked gouda, and (if you want it) your choice of things like tomato and ham. 
Carl Brendan

Technically, this heaping bowl of sweet peas, lobster, and fresh WI Parmesan is a small plate, which is good, since it means you can afford to do what we do: order their cheese curds, too, and throw a couple of those bad boys on top.
Good Day Cafe

St. Louis Park
This spot's also known as the Bad Day Bar, but how can you possibly have a bad day when nomming on pasta w/ gorgonzola, fontina, aged Wisconsin cheddar, caramelized onions, tomato & smoky bacon w/ a roasted garlic crust? You CAN'T!
Mesa Pizza

Always a late-night favorite for college students, Mesa prides itself on its wide and eccentric range of pizza toppings, including their signature slice: the infamous Macaroni and Cheese Pizza featuring a creamy sauce and noodles baked right onto one of their enormous by-the-slice pies.
Carl Brendan

St. Paul
Brassa is all about small dishes you share, but you're not going to want to share their mac and cheese: only available at their St. Paul location, it's a classic version that's perfect with smoked beef and cornbread.
William Lavigne

You could describe almost everything at HD the way you typically describe mac and cheese (there're lots of noodles and cheesy, creamy goodness to go around on this menu), but you shouldn't, 'cause that would be an insult to their real version: a taleggio, king crab, and truffle oil monster, that looks (and probably tastes) like no other mac.

North Loop
Plans for Smack Shack's permanent home were announced some time early in the Van Buren administration (they actually incited the Panic of 1837), but the permanent home of the lobster-ific food truck didn't open until 2013, and the chance to eat their famed Lobster Mac & Cheese under a roof was worth the wait.
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1. Boneyard Kitchen and Bar 2841 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MT 55408

Boneyard features Chef Jason Bush's take on good ol' homestyle southern chicken. The two story matte black exterior gives way to comfort food inside with a rustic and modern interior featuring stressed wood lines many of the walls and there is even a large display of antique skillets. Expect unique takes on classics like mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, and even a meatloaf that makes use not of ground beef but duck.

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2. The Lowry 2112 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Finally gorgeous-ifying the building that made the block cringe for years, The Lowry's a boozy, modern diner decked with clean leather booths, stained concrete floors, rich wood everywhere, and a sleek fireplace near the hostess stand, which is hopefully staffed by some good-looking HoHos.

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3. Red Stag Supperclub 509 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Red Stag's got organic, Northwoods-inspired eats, classic cocktails, and live music nightly.

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4. Good Day Café Bad Day Bar 5410 Wayzata Blvd, Golden Valley, MN 55416

As American as a blueberry muffin (which they have on their baked goods menu), this place is offering up traditional comfort food options, like burgers and made-from-scratch fries. Don't miss their gussied up takes on classics, too, like the maac and cheese with gorgonzola, fontina, aged Wisconsin cheddar, caramelized onions, tomato, and smoky bacon with a roasted garlic crust.

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5. Mesa Pizza Uptown 1440 W Lake St, Uptown, MN 55408

A late night favorite, Mesa prides itself on its wide and eccentric range of pizza toppings, but their signature slice is the infamous macaroni and cheese pizza featuring creamy sauce and noodles baked on to one of their enormous by-the-slice pieces.

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6. Brasa Premium Rotisserie 777 Grand Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105

Brasa prides itself on cooking Creole- and Caribbean-inspired, made-from-scratch comfort food using locally sourced and organic ingredients.

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7. HauteDish 119 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

The much-lauded Dish rocks a menu with eats like an open-face banh mi w/ a pork & foie terrine, and something called the "Corn Button", plus other inspired items from Chef Landon Schoenefeld, who's bringing you his takes on classic Midwestern dishes, reinvented.

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8. Smack Shack 603 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Previously, the seafood-centric fare from Smack Shack was only available out of a food truck, but now it's served up in a spacious warehouse setting with plenty of seats available that aren't a curb or roadside bench.

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