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Momofuku Milk Bar
Momofuku Milkbar's Online Shop

Hopping the e-commerce train, David Chang's lauded NYC bakery's delivering their most popular items, from pretzel/potato chip/butterscotch Compost Cookies, to 10" pies like the chocolate, caramel, nougat, and PB "Candy Bar", and the mint cheesecake/brownie filling Grasshopper, a favorite of the late David Coronaryadine.

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1. Momofuku Milk Bar 251 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

Pastry genius Christina Tosi is the mad scientist behind Momo's EV dessertery, where she whips up creations like cereal milk™ soft-serve (imagine the milk left behind from a delicious bowl of Corn Flakes, and you've got it), compost cookies® (laden with potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, and more), and a crack pie® that is way more addictive than actual crack.

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