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A dead, rum-soaked "Kraken" washed ashore in England, and you can eat it

Usually when someone yells, "release the Kraken!", you expect a giant, deadly sea monster to show up and pimp-slap you with its pimpy tentacles. Or your buddy to chug, like, two whole beers. But the Kraken that was released in North Kent last week was something else entirely: a totally edible, boozy, dismembered creature that you can stuff into your face this weekend.

Miss Cakehead
In a publicity stunt of legendary proportions, Kraken Rum created several edible bits of "Kraken" carcass and then "discovered" the remains themselves out on the high seas. The haul included a giant eye (white chocolate filled with rum), cysts (black pickled onions), stomach contents (licorice and black treacle), eye pupils (black eggs), a mouth (rum cake) with over 200 teeth (white chocolate), and a rotting human skull encased in Kraken tentacles (more rum cake).
Miss Cakehead
The boozy team of so-called scientists from Black Ink Society will be unveiling the autopsy reports at Miss Cakehead's pop-up Halloween cake shop, Eat Your Heart Out, at The Rag Factory in London this weekend. The big bash is being called Feed the Beast, and it'll include a serious cocktail roster along with the Kraken cake. So if you've always dreamed of eating sea monster guts (who hasn't), high-tail it to Brick Lane on Friday.

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