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Best news ever: scientists determine that Mexican food is actually pretty healthy

Everyone loves Mexican food, but most assume that running for the border has a negative affect on your actual ability to run.

But thanks to the dutiful research of the taco scientists at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla, we now know that Mexican staples like tacos al pastor and cochinita pibil flautas actually have relatively healthy nutritional compositions. So, that's pretty bueno.

OC Weekly broke the story, describing how the researchers blended up the foodstuffs into easy-to-analyze/easy-to-not-eat smoothies and measured levels of water content, grease, protein, carbohydrates, and ash (from the extra-crispy/burned tortillas). They neglected to record their own drop in dopamine over the destruction of said delicious foodstuffs.
Dan Gentile
The results? Tacos al pastor had 42% water, 21% protein, 24% carbs, and 12% grease. The flautas were more carb-heavy, with 43% water, 41% carbs, 12% grease, and a measly 4% protein. For a little context, these stats are significantly healthier than those of doughnuts, French fries, and, strangely, some health bars. Contrary to their nap-inducing qualities, the carb content of flautas actually qualifies them as an energy food.

The scientists concluded that three tacos or four flautas makes for a balanced meal, and that, with a little moderation and exercise, you should be able to consume these tortilla'd staples guilt-free. So, what's the reason Mexico's the most obese country on the planet? It probably has something to do with that delicious Mexican Coke.

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