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We just tried 7-Eleven's new Doritos Loaded

Doritos teamed up with 7-Eleven to test a nacho cheesy snack at their stores in the DC-area, leading Republicans and Democrats alike to finally agree on one thing -- they'd both like to try it. We swung by a local 7-Eleven to give it a whirl.

Laura Hayes
It’s hard to move past the soggy nature of this, especially since the lack of a loud Doritos crunch is disturbing. Try adjusting your settings to think of a loaded Dorito as more of a mozzarella stick than a taco. Or the nachos you tried to eat from your seat during a rain delay at the ballpark.

Upon breaking open a loaded Dorito, utterly impossibly-orange cheese oozes out. It doesn't seem like cheese that is made on a dairy farm. Positive points for oozing though -- oozing is always encouraged.

The overall taste is a cross between movie theater popcorn and reheated Taco Bell, which could be a positive if you're eating one of these at 3am. The breading is nice because it tastes a bit homey, like your mom’s chicken parm on Sundays. On the downside, you can barely pick up on the redeeming qualities of regular Doritos -- the aggressive garlic powder and zippy cayenne.

If you're of the mindset that it's a good idea to get in your full day’s worth of calories and salt for under $3, then this is the snack for you. Otherwise, grab a slice of 7-Eleven pizza instead. You’ll come away feeling you ate something wholesome.

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