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Observe inauguration with these commander-in-chief favorites

Inauguration festivities have begun, and chances are you didn't manage to snag a ticket to any of the swanky balls. But don't be blue, panda bear, 'cause you can still get in the swearing-in spirit by treating your stomach to some of these presidential favorites. They cover all kinds of political ideologies, plus all kinds of tastebuds. And if you're still suffering from FOMO after finishing your food, remember, you could be stuck listening to the cast of Glee.

Food of Choice: Burgers
Slick Willy was frequently snapped ducking in and out of fast food joints during his presidency with greasy, burger-laden bags in hand. He even hilariously stopped by Z Burger in DC for a double burger and apple pie milkshake right before speaking at a "Weight of the Nation" conference in 2009. But it seems pesky stuff like heart bypass surgery might've caught up with Clinton; he went vegan in 2011

Food of Choice: Steak
In case this
rundown of Eisenhower factoids wasn't enough, here's another: Ike was a big fan of steak (though maybe not steak as rare as the photo above). In fact, he was such a "steak gourmet" that his sirloin cooking process netted a whole newspaper column back in the day. Superior steak skills and five military stars? After Mountain Man Teddy Roosevelt, Ike might just be our manliest president

Photo: lynn.gardner / Flickr
Food of Choice: Clam Chowder
Like any good New England boy, JFK was known to enjoy a nice bowl of chowdah. He ordered a bunch of it at the Union Oyster House in his pre-presidential days, and kept it in the White House kitchen after leaving Boston. The National Archives has even released the prez's preferred recipe if you're a stickler for authenticity

Food of Choice: Jelly Beans
For our 40th president, jelly beans were hardly just an Easter treat. Reagan was known to stash jars of Jelly Bellies around the White House and even had three and a half tons of the stuff shipped for the '81 inauguration. Though Jelly Belly did create the blueberry flavor just for the Gipper -- so there could be red, white, and blue candies at the inauguration party -- his favorite flavor was licorice

Food of Choice: Chili
Notably served during that unfathomably awkward post-election summit with Mitt Romney, chili has been our returning president's go-to potluck dish since college. When he's not getting in trouble for ordering it on his hot dog, Obama and his family make it themselves with this recipe.

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