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The 10 best/worst food truck puns

A food truck by any other name might smell as sweet, but a yogurt truck named Froyomeo, were it not called Froyomeo, would be considerably more boring-smelling. Here are 10 operations whose wares are sweetened/soured by a delicious pun.

Cao Phong Nguyen/Facebook
Paying homage to the Dennis Hopper flick where he played a dope-smoking motorcyclist (i.e. himself), Dallas's Easy Slider dishes out deliciousness like chicken and corn fritter waffles, and steak sandwiches.
Denver's Cheese Louise is a grilled cheesemobile rocking pun-filled sandos like their Gruyere/onion We Be Hammin' and the apple/arugula Brie's Knees.
One of the five must-know spots in the ATL, On Tapa The World serves titanically delicious empanadas and other small plates.
On the streets of San Francisco, The Chairman Bao steams up Asian buns that'll make it quite impossible to make any great leaps forward.
Liz Newman
In Miami, no other gelato-slingers are bigger than HipPOPS, HipPOPs, HipPOPS...
One of Portland's best sellers of uppers has a serious downer of a name: Da-pressed Coffee.
Tucked behind a vegan bar, Me So Hungry's gigantic noodle plates make it way harder to fit into a full metal jacket.
The solo food truck in Arkansas named in honor of Han's space cruiser, the Grillenium Falcon dishes out chewie sandwiches like Monterrey Jack to the Future.

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