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You can now eat Thanksgiving dinner in ice-cream form

Perhaps trying to get a jump on the inevitability of Willy Wonka's vision coming true, the renowned scientists at Portland's Salt & Straw have concocted a limited-run series of flavors inspired by Thanksgiving, from the obvious pumpkin pie to the not-obvious turkey. Pure imagination, indeed.

The flavors, available online and at S&S's Portland locations through November 29th, include fairly normal stuff like Pumpkin Custard & Spiced Chevre and Sweet Potato & Candied Pecans, but when it comes to the main course, there's some seriously mad science dropped in the Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, which packs turkey juice and caramelized onions into a base of turkey fat/caramel cream loaded with turkey-skin brittle. There's also an Apple Cranberry Stuffing made with celery soda as well as a mincemeat pie flavor.

This isn't the first time the popular joint's made crazy flavors; previous hits included ham/raspberry, blue cheese/pear, and foie gras -- but it is the first time it's created an entire meal's worth of flavors designed to pair together. No word yet on whether taste-tester Violet Beauregarde has survived turning into a giant turkey.

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