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Is McDonald's rolling out Mighty Wings this Fall?

Intrepid reporters seem to have uncovered the next step in Mickey D's master chicken plan and no, it isn't a massive comeback for the Chicken Selects (RIP). It's a full-scale launch of the Mighty Wings, and it could be coming our way this Fall.

The crack team over at Burger Business unearthed this telling Facebook status by a McDonald's in Springfield, MO that has since been deleted:
Burger Business
We'll get to that Pralines and Cream McFlurry mess another time, but this is just the latest clue that Mighty Wings are on the way. McDonald's tested those suckers out in Atlanta in July of 2012, and apparently they were boss. Then they moved to Chicago in January of this year for a limited run before the radio went silent on all chicken wing updates. But Burger Business points out that McDonald's Corp filed a U.S. trademark registration just last week for "Mighty Wing" so WE SEE YOU MICKEY D'S.

It's unclear how much a Mighty Wing three-piecer will go for, seeing as they were $3.99 in Atlanta but $2.99 in Chicago, and we obviously don't know which cities will be the first to host these guys. So until McDonald's stops being shady about the whole thing, we'll be over here blasting the only appropriate soundtrack.

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