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Soon, you can eat Sbarro "Brooklyn Fresh" pizza

You won't hear it from those populists in Zagat, but all the scenesters know that when you arrive in NYC, you immediately grab a New York slice at Sbarro. Or at least that's what the mall pizza champions of the world would like you to start telling people. Beginning in Manhattan's #1 hotspot, Ohio, Sbarro will unleash its new brand evolution, "Sbarro Brooklyn Fresh"

Fresh off the debut of its new fast casual chain Pizza Cucinova, Sbarro is set to launch a whole 'nother venture. Sbarro Brooklyn Fresh is designed just for in-line locations -- no malls for BKLYN -- and will focus on 10- to 13-inch pies. No delivery (at least initially) and no slices

Columbus is expected to host the exciting maiden voyage of Sbarro Brooklyn Fresh in six months, meaning Ohio natives never have to feel bad about skipping Roberta's or Di Fara ever again.

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