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Taco Bell is dropping a third Doritos Locos flavor, world is pretty sure it's Flamas


Last year, Taco Bell started something beautiful when it presented the Doritos Locos Taco, a stunning combination of Nacho Cheese Doritos and the traditional T-Bell taco fixings. Then, in March of this year, they gave us a second Cool Ranch variety. Then, there was nothing. But thankfully those dark days of doubting the existence of a new Doritos Locos flavor are over: Taco Bell has announced that the third member of the family is arriving on August 22.

The Mexican drive-thru destination is doing its damndest to hype up the mystery with this latest Doritos Locos variety. They even resorted to sneaky Vines on Friday, offering this teaser to Twitter:

This might be more maddening if the Internet wasn't already convinced the shell under that wrapper is 100% Flamas Doritos. Ad Age points out that Taco Bell's promise to bring "mas heat" with the newest offering points strongly to Doritos' spicy red chips (with a hint 'o lime)...especially since they already tested Flamas Doritos Locos last year. Our friends at FoodBeast also noted with suspicion the mysteriously tiny bag of Flamas in a jumbo box of Doritos that Taco Bell sent over as part of their #_DLT campaign.

Flamas or not (definitely Flamas), you should go ahead and clear your lunch schedule for August 22. 'Cause the Locos are back, baby.

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