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This Austrian pizzeria gets down, gets down with a disco ball 'za oven

In case you hadn't heard, pizza is pretty great. Watching a pro make make it right in front of you is cool, too. But you know what really takes the whole experience to the next level? A disco ball pizza oven that would make John Travolta lose whatever is left of his mind.

Lukas Schaller / Dezeen
Naturally this wonder resides in Vienna, a city known for both its 'za and Donna Summer devotion. The Disco Volante pizzeria proudly houses this thing, which was created by architect Lukas Galehr of the design collective MadameMohr. In the evening hours, the Disco Volante peeps dim the main lights and direct a slew of spotlights at the oven to get the party started. But don't worry: it won't come steamrolling over your meat lovers' slice like a flamboyant Indiana Jones boulder. The disco ball is securely anchored to the wall by a chimney. It still spins, though, as you can see in this found footage of a Euro pizza rave below:

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