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Wendy's served a hamburger with a blunt in it, which sounds very illegal

Step aside pretzel bun, Wendy's is servin' up a new fast food delicacy: the Blunt Burger. Well, one Georgia location is... and they didn't mean to.

On Nov 1, a customer dialed 911 upon discovering a half-smoked blunt nestled between her hamburger buns. While some might have considered this a gift, this lady was not amused, which sort of makes sense considering she apparently experienced food poisioning-like symptoms and required hospitalization. But fret not, TMZ reports that Wendy's will be covering her medical bills AND giving her a $50 gift card.

When the cops arrived, now ex-employee Amy Seiber took ownership of the marijuana and said she had "misplaced" the blunt in the cheeseburger after smoking her stash (and the Applewood bacon, presumably). She was promptly arrested for possession and weeded out of the Wendy's staff.

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