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The best burgers in New Orleans, as recommended by the best chefs in New Orleans

New Orleans may be America’s hottest food city, but in the city where the po-boy is king, the Big Easy isn’t exactly the first city that comes to mind when you think of hamburgers. That being said, there is no shortage of places to go to get a delicious rendition of the American classic. But rather than just tell you, we asked six renowned local chefs about their favorite burgers and where to find them.

Alejandro de los Rios
The burger: The hamburger at
Recommended by: Tory McPhail, named the "Best Southern Chef of 2013" by the James Beard Foundation, and executive chef at Commander’s Palace.
The reason: Chef McPhail has fond memories of eating the “classic New Orleans burger” cooked medium-rare w/ a fully loaded baked potato on the side and one of Port of Call’s signature Monsoon cocktails to wash it all down. “It’s great for before going out for a night in the quarter or to settle your stomach afterwards.”
The Besh Restaurant Group
The burger: The Lüke Burger at
Recommended by: Alon Chaya, Eater New Orleans’ "2011 Chef of the Year", James Beard Award finalist, and executive chef at Domenica.
The reason: According to Chef Shaya, Lüke’s combination of chuck and brisket “make for a super juicy burger” and it’s topped off with bacon and seasoned heirloom toms. Shaya says he’s also a fan of the buttered brioche bun, and that the burger is served with ketchup and mayo, “my favorite way to eat it”! Ours too, Shaya. Ours too.
The Company Burger
The burger: The Company Burger at
Recommended by: Todd Pulsinelli, named a “Chef to Watch” by Louisiana Cookin’ and executive chef at .
The reason: Pulsinelli is a big fan of the Company Burger’s bun and “the care they put into it”. He said that both of the Company Burger’s signature patties are “just thick, juicy, and cooked perfect every time”. Also, it looks just plain sexy.
Alejandro de los Rios
The burger: Any specialty burger at
Recommended by: Michael Friedman, chef/owner of , named “The Place for New York Style Pizza” by New Orleans’ Gambit Weekly.
The reason: Chef Friedman loves the griddled patty at Truburger for being “just a nice classic burger”, which reminds him of . “Nice meat, well composed,” he said. “And they do good specials too.” (Also, NOLA doesn't have a Shake Shack, so there's that too).
Alejandro de los Rios
The burger: The LPG Cheeseburger at
Recommended by: Nathanial Zimet, Chopped champion, 2012 "Rising Star Chef", and chef/owner of .
The reason: While the LPG Cheeseburger’s onion marmalade and aioli sauce give it its distinctive taste, Chef Zimet recommends this burger because it gets the basics right; “A burger is all about the ratio,” Zimet said. “Meat to bread to toppings and they got it going on!”
Alejandro de los Rios
The burger: The Single at
Recommended by: Dan Esses, chef/owner of , one of New Orleans Magazine’s Best Bars, and their feta fries were listed as one of the best dishes of 2011 by the Times-Picayune.
The reason: A burger so nice it was named twice. But unlike Chef Pulsinelli, Chef Esses goes to Company Burger not for their signature beefwich, but for their single with special sauce. “I like a burger that’s easy to eat and not too big,” Chef Esses said. “The buns are nice, thin, and fluffy and it’s not too foo-foo.” (which has been known to just ruin many a sandwich).
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1. The Company Burger 4600 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115

These guys take their burgers seriously. Translation: the pickles and mayo are homemade, the twin patties in the Company Burger weigh a grand total of 6.5oz, and you leave feeling full and satisfied, after washing it all down with one of Company's American brews on tap, of course.

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2. La Petite Grocery 4238 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Converted from a historic grocery store, this bistro and bar features appetizers like burgers, blue crab beignets, pan-fried gulf shrimp, and braised short ribs. They also throw down some serious craft cocktails like The Bee's Hive: double rye whiskey, fresh grapefruit & lemon, homemade grapefruit bitters, and raw jalapeño syrup.

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3. Port of Call 838 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

PoC is an award-winning French Quarter joint with a laid-back atmosphere and a menu basically limited to steaks, burgers, and a wide variety of cocktails.

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4. Lüke 333 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Although this may be a French restaurant at heart, they've certainly perfected the burger, which is made from chuck and brisket and comes on a buttered brioche bun.

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5. Trūburger 8115 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

"Burger" is in their name, and that's what they do best, from their specialty varieties to their good ol' classic beef disc, it's tough to surpass the taste of the Truburger burger.

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